We build your team
from the ground up.

Get your projects started in no time. Save time and money on recruiting & training.

Vitae OnDemand. Are you ready ?

Our recruiters access worldwide databases to find the best talents wherever they are.

On top of finding the right talents, we provide you the right working environment for remote collaboration.

Keep those costs down.

You can save between 40 to 60% working with a remote-based team.

How you ask ? By removing structural costs, regulation-related costs (HR, lawyers, etc.) and paying a fair price to access in-demand talents.
Vitae OnDemand takes care of local contracting and provides the online infrastructure needed for your team work.

Work with top-notch talents.

Gone are the days when you had to screen freelancing websites for hours to *maybe* find a suitable candidate OR be content with your in-house talents.

Our Recruiters take the search load off your shoulders and thoroughly vet candidates they present you.
You make the final call in selecting your team members with the assurance that they possess the skills that you need.

Meet your deadlines.

Complex and ambitious projects require skill sets that your company may not already have. The time needed to train your workforce or launch recruitment campaigns is a luxury few can afford.

Vitae OnDemand works fast to assemble your dream team, with members that can hit the ground running to achieve your goals.

What's your project ?

Build your Website / Mobile app / software

Got an idea that can change the world ? That’s gonna need an extra talented team of developers, designers and content writers.

Get the best sales team for worldwide expansion

You may already have a product or service. Now you need talented Sales Reps who speak various languages to spread the word.

Work with lead acquisition specialists

Take your sales strategy to the next level with data miners, crawler developpers and advertising geniuses.

Have a busy schedule and need a hand ?

Take the luxury of working with multi-lingual an assistant from across the globe. Delegates tasks and focus on what matters.

Get to know Vitae OnDemand

Vitae OnDemand is part of Vitae, a staffing company operating worldwide. Vitae counts hundreds of recruiters, both in-house and remote, who have experience working on complex, time-sensitive recruitment. They are used to working on different types of positions that require various sets of skills, and have made adapting core to their mindset.

The Vitae recruiters first work on in-house recruitment needs while the more experienced Vitae recruiters work on both in-house and remote recruiting for Vitae OnDemand.

Our recruiters have access to more than 1 billion resumes through global partners such as Indeed, Monster and Linkedin as well as local sourcing partners. On top of traditional job boards, our recruiters can also count on a marketing team whose purpose it is to pull candidates to apply to your position.

Our recruiters are trained to process high volumes of interviews (about 30/day) which in turn enables them to identify the best talents for their clients. Because Vitae OnDemand has a dedicated legal team taking car of local labor laws, our recruiters can source talents, even though they are not typical freelancers.  

Since its beginning, Vitae has worked with more than 3000 clients worldwide.

Our clients are small and large companies with workforce from 1 to of over 10 000 employees. Some are recruiting for just one position, some have hired us to recruit one thousand position over the course of one year. Some have asked us to help them recruit their next CFO, for some we recruited their cashier. For all, we have treated each recruiting need with an obsession for finding the right hire.

We have been lucky to work with clients operating in every sectors of industry.

Still unsure that remote is the future ?

Here is what CEOs are saying :

"We saw 2 years of digital transformation in 2 months."

Satya Nadella CEO, Microsoft Inc

"We’re reaching a talent pool that expects a lot more remote work"

Jack Dorsey CEO, Twitter Inc

"I thought productivity was going to plunge, but it has been very good.”

Todd McKinnon CEO, Okta Inc

“It’s hard to not see 20% to 40% of our workforce be remote."

Stewart Butterfield CEO, Slack Inc

"Things are faster, more action-oriented with remote workers.”

Aaron Levie CEO, Box Inc